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Bambi Day School will strive to provide the highest quality Nursery through Kindergarten program in an atmosphere of love and learning.  Bambi Day School is dedicated to “bringing out the best in each child.”

  • Take Time For Love – children who feel loved feel good about themselves.  Children with a good self-image approach learning with confidence.
  • Kind Words Work Wonders – children will be told the positive things that we notice about the way they are learning or changing every day.
  • Don’t Try Too Hard Or Too Easy – children are unique, with different personalities, different strengths, and different weaknesses.
  • Rewards Win Results - positive reinforcement will reward behaviors that we want to encourage.
  • We Learn By Doing – children need to go through the process themselves to learn the concepts.
  • Repetition Reaps Results – skills are habits.  Habits are behaviors that are automatic.
  • Learning Is Fun – learning will be fun and it will encourage the children to want to learn more.
  • Questions Are Better Than Answers – children will be encouraged to ask questions.
Bambi Day School          1545 Morris Rd., Lansdale, PA  19446             (610) 584-0312
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